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Launch offer for the first 500 patrons of British heritage

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"your own piece of British history"

that unusual gift for that special occasion

Historic British heritage
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Wedding present perhaps?

your Heritage

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your Timeless gift

Britain, this seceptered isle, admired for its history, Royal family and the founders of the democratic world.

For many people a visit in a life time to Britain is a fantastic and unusual experience, but to own a part of the British heritage and countryside would just be a dream and rewarding experience.

Whether it be Tony Blair, Princess Diana, William Shakespeare or David Beckham, people from around the world are drawn to Britain.

Ancestral Meadows understands these thoughts as we to once saw it as a 'dream'. But by looking at the other pages on this site you will understand that this is exactly what Ancestral Meadows can help you achieve.

You can be the patron of a part of British heritage.

We set up Ancestral Meadows to enable people from around the world to share in British heritage.

Ancestral Meadows will arrange for a beautiful gilt framed deed acknowledging your interest in a square yard of unique British heritage, individually numbered. Your name will also be enterd on a commemerative plaque displayed on this historic land.

If you wish an extra unframed deed can be purchased, which can be proudly displayed wherever you wish

Ancestral Meadows makes the whole process simple and easy online and delivers your framed certificate directly to your door, worldwide!

What a priceless and unusual gift to receive. A piece of British heritage where Cromwell may once have stood or William Shakespeare may have been inspired to write his timeless works.

As a patron you can talk to family and friends about your eternal unusual gift. A great talking point for your children and your children's children.

The ability to pass your framed certificate down through generations.

Whether as a wedding gift, a special birthday gift or for a new born baby gift this is surely an unusual gift that will be enjoyed for many years.

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